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The Guardian reviews Young Bond `Double Or Die` audiobook

03-Mar-2007 • Young Bond

The Guardian (UK) have reviewed the audiobook version of the third Young Bond novel "Double Or Die", narrated by author Charlie Higson.

Boys will be boys - unless they're called James Bond, in which case they are fearless, intelligent, loyal, witty and indestructible, but then that's what you expected of an Eton education 70 years ago. It says much for Charlie Higson's storytelling skills that not once does his hero's privileged background affect your enjoyment of this cracking adventure. OK, so James has inherited his late uncle's Bamford & Martin tourer (which he drives 10 times more recklessly than Daniel Craig), and one of his classmates is a maharaja's son, but that doesn't make 003 1/2 the sort of 16-year-old who spends his time at Eton smoking spliffs and dreaming about joining the Bullingdon Club and becoming prime minister. He's far too busy pitting his wits against assassins hired by Soviet spymasters to kidnap British scientists. Parents worried about mindless violence will be gratified to hear that the plot hinges on young James's ability to solve seven cryptic crossword clues. Of course he can, he's bright as well as tough. He knows that "death smear" is an anagram of "headmaster". What are the chances of Pierce Brosnan working out that "presbyterians" is an anagram of "Britney Spears"?

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