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Sound mixer Chris Munro talks about his technical work on Casino Royale

15-Mar-2007 • Casino Royale

At this year’s Bafta awards, sound mixer Chris Munro was nominated for two films in the Sound category - reports 4RFV.

Chris went on to win for his work as Sound Mixer on the James Bond block buster, 'Casino Royale'. Chris has been using the DV824 and PD6 since their release and was heavily involved in the concepts and R&D whilst Fostex developed both machines.

Chris has worked on many major film releases over several decades, including some very recognisable titles such as 'The Mummy', 'Die Another Day', 'Tomb Raider' and more recently 'United 93'; also nominated for the Sound award in this year’s BAFTAs. He has worked as a Production Sound Mixer on four James Bond films including 'Casino Royale'.

He has recently returned from shooting in Western China and San Francisco on 'The Kite Runner'. Chris has had two previous BAFTA nominations plus an Academy nomination for sound, and in 2002 he received an Oscar for his work on 'Black Hawk Down'.

Chris commented on his use of Fostex equipment: “Each of the four James Bond films that I have recorded has seen Fostex digital machines evolve, starting with the PD4, then DV40, PD6 and DV824 with the BAFTA award for 'Casino Royale'. Because Fostex machines are developed with production and post production requirements in mind, they always allow me to deliver the best quality efficiently.“

Fostex invented timecode DAT and have continued their ingenuity with the invention of timecode DVD-RAM recording. Following on from the industry standard PD2 and PD4 which established benchmarks in timecode DAT recording, the DV40, DV824and PD6 have further maintained Fostex’s reputation as a world leader in portable and professional recording technology. These machines have been used to record sound for film & television worldwide and have helped their users capture the best sound in an efficient and cost-saving method, as well as win many coveted international awards.

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