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David Arnold discusses screentesting the new James Bond, and Daniel Craig`s competition

22-Mar-2007 • Bond News

In an interview with The London Paper this week, James Bond composer David Arnold spoke about the casting process that landed Daniel Craig the role of 007 back in October 2005 - and the actors who narrowly missed out.

Arnold told the paper, "I was there for the casting. We screentested three people and we did music for all of them. It was not a reading - they were shot on set, properly lit, in costume, with cast, and Martin Campbell directed them. Daniel was the one who really made you sit up."

The other two contenders were Henry Cavill - a Channel Islander who was 22 at the time of the screen tests, and Sam Worthington - an Australian actor who was 29 at the time.

Arnold says both of Craig's competitors "were terrific, but very different. Henry Cavill was more traditional and Sam Worthington was very young. But I think Barbara Broccoli had her eye on Daniel for a long time."

Former James Bond actors Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan were all seriously considered for the 007 role years ahead of them ultimately slipping in to the famous tuxedo. So in a few years time, when Daniel Craig decides to holster the PPK, do not be surprised if Worthington and Cavill are back in the frame.

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