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More tidbits on the upcoming Young Bond novel `Hurricane Gold`

12-Aug-2007 • Young Bond

Following last week's news about the new friends Young Bond will be making and the identity of some returning allies in the fourth novel "Hurricane Gold", MI6 can now lift the lid on some other tidbits.

The title itself apparently relates to cursed Mayan treasure, and will be central to the plot of ex-flying ace Jack Stone.

Villains, henchman and goons that will feature in the book include: El Hurican, Missis Glass, Strabo, Whatzat, Garcia and Sakata - no doubt a nod to the actor who played Oddjob in the 1964 film "Goldfinger".

As with the previous novels, the body count is high in this new adventure with many of the aforementioned characters perishing by the end of the adventure - but with one notable exception!

"Hurricane Gold" by Charlie Higson is released on 6th September in hardback in the UK. Click here to pre-order from Amazon UK.

Click here for complete coverage of "Double Or Die" and the Young Bond series by Charlie Higson, including exclusive interviews with the author.

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