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Ford CEO wants everyone to be able to drive 007`s Mondeo from Casino Royale

05-Sep-2007 • Casino Royale

When the most recent James Bond flick Casino Royale came out last year, Americans wanted desperately to get their hands on the sleek new Ford Mondeo Bond was seen driving in one of the movie’s early scenes. However they quickly found out that car was only available overseas and instead they would have to settle for the less inspiring U.S. version of the car, the Ford Fusion - reports CEO Smack.

Many Americans were puzzled as to why this was the case.

New Ford CEO Alan Mulally recently pointed out at a press briefing on the state of Ford Motor Company, that the company has been a worldwide company that operates regionally, with each region having its own products. And that isn’t efficient or smart.

In Mulally’s own words he say, “We Won’t Be Doing That Again”.

What he’s referring to is the fact that Ford makes vehicles such as the Focus that is not the same depending on where you go in the world. The Focus sold in Europe is not the same as the one sold in the U.S.

Then you have vehicles like the Fusion and the Mondeo. While they have similar specs, the Mondeo sold in Europe looks different from the Fusion sold in the U.S

On September 11 at the Frankfurt Auto Show, Ford Motor Company will take the first step towards erasing this annoying problem when it unveils the Ford Verve concept car. The Verve is CEO Alan Mulally’s first visible attempt to make Ford a true a global company.

Mulally says he wants to ”Leverage Ford worldwide”.

Starting with the Verve, Ford vehicles will become more global, declares Mulally. Exceptions will be market-specific models, such as the full-size F-Series pickup truck sold mostly in the U.S. But for the most part if you see a new Ford vehicle in London, you will be able to have that same vehicle in Los Angeles.

Thanks to `Misha` for the alert.

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