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Everything he touches turns to excitement for Hurricane Gold launch in London

08-Sep-2007 • Young Bond

Thursday 6th September is the day everything went gold - according to the Penguin Blog.

Hurricane Gold by Charlie Higson is currently making all good bookshelves shimmer (it has a gold cover, of course) and the launch was a suitably shiny affair, right down to the author himself decked out in a gold blazer and tie – aka The Man With the Golden Jacket.

From golden book covers to golden people - yes, actors spray painted gold and wandering the streets of London in the golden sunshine (we also hired fine weather for the day), there was no escaping the fact that Hurricane Gold has landed.

It seems like only yesterday the collective creative minds of Puffin announced we would be producing a block of pure gold for Young Bond 4, complete with gold gilded edges and embossing. Never mind where the ISBN or blurb would go, they’re just mere details - although, granted, quite important ones. But they’re in, the book is out and a collective gasp of ‘Oooooh, isn’t it shiny’ echoed around Puffin HQ when it was first unveiled.

Even signing the books was a highly skilled operation, as the precious tomes had to be handled with white gloves to avoid sticky fingerprints before they hit the shops. So they’re golden on the outside, and absolutely packed with the kind of high-adrenaline-action and adventure only James Bond can deliver on the inside.

Thank god the title wasn’t Inclement Buff. Goodness only knows what the actors would have worn (or not worn) on launch day.

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