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Charlie Higson hints that Young Bond movie treatments may not be far off

29-Sep-2007 • Young Bond

Charlie Higson has hinted that screen adaptations of his best-selling children's novels based on James Bond may come into fruition in the future - reports the Press & Journal.

The writer - who penned four novels about 007 for kids - said he was keen for people to read the books before thinking about the film versions.

He said: "We have lots of plans in the pipeline but we're sort of still thinking about that.

"The main reason for doing these books was to get boys reading and to remind people that James Bond was originally a literary character so we didn't want to rush in straight away trying to make the film - we wanted kids to come to it through the books first.

"So, when we've got all the books written then we'll think seriously about some type of screen adaptation."

He also revealed that he was particularly pleased boys were reading his books.

"The main thing is that kids are actually reading it - boys in particular - because it's quite hard to get boys to read," he explained.

"I get a lot of feedback from teachers and parents saying thank you for writing these books because it's got my boy reading again. There's been a big sort of resurgence in action adventure writing for boys and a lot more boys are starting to read now which is fantastic."

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