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Daniel Craig will try and resist topless scenes, will not bulk up as much

01-Nov-2007 • Quantum Of Solace

Female Bond fans my be offering three cheers for Barbara Broccoli. James Bond star Daniel Craig may be keen to expose less skin than he did in Casino Royale but his producer has other ideas - reports the Daily Express.

“I think Barbara is going to have a word about that,” says Craig, before mimicking a whinier version of himself in conversation with his boss.

“‘I’m not going to take my top off.’

‘Yes, you are.’”

Craig adds: “We’ll see. There are no plans. Bond might have to take a shower, what can I tell you?”

Sadly, the 39-year-old doesn’t think he will be quite as buff as he was in his first 007 outing when his appearance in skimpy blue swimming trunks raised pulses.

“I’m probably not going to bulk up as much as I did last time,” he tells GQ magazine. “It was an exercise that worked and I’m very happy we did it.”

Speaking of his next film Defiance, a Second World War drama about Jewish brothers who attempt to save the lives of other Jews, Craig adds: “A couple of weeks into filming, Simon my trainer will come over and we’re going to get straight back into it, which is the way it goes. The weird life that I live now!”

Thanks to `Pierce - Daniel` for the alert.

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