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David Houston to provide voice for James Bond in new videogame

22-Nov-2007 • Gaming

According to several sources, voice-over actor David Houston will be providing the voice of James Bond in the upcoming 007 videogame from Activison.

MI6 understands that Daniel Craig will be providing his likeness to the digital 007.

Houston landed the job on September 14th. He said, "I can't go into all the details at this time, but I've just landed the lead voice acting role in a major upcoming videogame (based on a long-running movie franchise). More info as it comes, or at least as it's allowed".

Activision recently revealed that there are two James Bond videogame titles currently under development.

It is believed this 'casting' announcement relates to the first game in development by Treyarch, and will be a blend of elements from Casino Royale and the upcoming Bond 22, which it is expected to ship alongside in November 2008.

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Thanks to `Pierce - Daniel` for the alert.

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