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Online interview with the NightFire game developers

27-Jul-2002 • Gaming

Our associate site 007Gaming.com are reporting on a new interview with the game developers of "NightFire" - due for release in November 2002.

A new interview with the producer of Nightfire PC, Michael Condrey, has been published on the PCZone magazine website today.

The interview includes information on the main differences between the PC and Consoles versions, and also goes into greater detail.

We are told, "With the latest nVidia technology and processor speeds available we`ve been able to push texture resolutions to a higher level." which is good news for the hardcore PC gamers.

More info on the Online Mutliplayer is revealed, "...we`re supporting all the multiplayer modes that people have come to know and love."

GearBox are aiming to support 32 players simultaneously online, and also "The goal is to take the best of the last 40 years and tie that in to both the environments and the levels and the characters that you play against."

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