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Goldeneye 007 for Xbox Live Arcade stalled due to financial dispute

12-Jan-2008 • Gaming

Earlier this week, MI6 reported on the development of a "10th Anniversary" edition of the best-selling James Bond videogame "GoldenEye 007". Originally published for the Nintendo 64, the updated version was planned for Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade.

According to 1up, the GoldenEye port has been in development at Rare for several months, and was never intended as a remake. The XBLA version would have featured the same graphics, maps and weapons from the N64 version, but with the crucial addition of online multiplayer over Xbox Live. Several characters wouldn't make the cut due to licensing issues with certain actors.

Unfortunately, the reason GoldenEye for XBLA died came down to money. 1up's source close to Rare said the conversion was a mere two months from completion, but Microsoft and Nintendo couldn't agree on the financial side of things. The point of contention, as their source puts it: would Nintendo receive a one-time fee for the rights to the game, or a continuing cut of the XBLA revenues? The latter seems to make sense for everyone, but apparently it wasn't that easy.

From what 1up are told, the best way to get this port back on track is to show Microsoft and Nintendo how badly you want it. If it all comes down to money, show 'em that you want to give yours.

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