Rating figures for Casino Royale premiere highlights

Casino Royale - 24-01-08
With the Bond 22 press conference later today, news of the Casino Royale premiere may seem a little dated. But the forthcoming media bonanza for Daniel Craig's second outing as 007 has some benchmarks to measure up against.

According to Black Diamond Media, the highlights video from the Casino Royale World Premiere in London in November 2006 has been aired 1226 times. A total of 42,856,811 viewers have reportedly watched the video.

This compares to the Casino Royale teaser trailer, which through the same distribution channels aired 1145 times and scored 35,638,233 views. It must be noted that there were far more means for viewers to watch the teaser trailer compared to the premiere video, so these numbers are lower than actual real-world totals.

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