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Tabloids tout Amy Winehouse for Bond theme again, Craig slams rumours

07-Feb-2008 • Quantum Of Solace

Daniel Craig insists rumours about Amy Winehouse being lined up to write and perform the theme song to the new James Bond film are "way off".

Reacting to press rumours that resurfaced this week,Craig said, "Why is everybody ramming [the name] Amy Winehouse out? It’s just way, way off that."

"Everyone’s speculating about it but we’ve got other things to deal with - there’s no point in writing the song for a movie when we haven’t got a movie," Craig told MTV.

Tabloid newspaper The Sun claims that Winehouse will get to write the new James Bond theme as well as sing it - but only if she stays off drugs for two months. The paper claims she has been told she must still be clean in April to make the record.

A "source" confirmed for the paper last night: "That’s when the Bond people make a final decision on who sings the theme. If Amy is clean then, it’s hers."

"It’s another fantastic carrot being dangled to encourage her to give up drugs", said the paper's "insider".

Thanks to `Lipservice` for the alert.

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