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Lindy Hemming, costumer of the Brosnan Bond era, on her `Die Another Day` work and the next Bond film

20-May-2003 • Die Another Day

Lindy Hemming, who has been costumer on all of Pierce Brosnan`s outings as 007, gave an interview to DVDTimes recently and talked about her work on "Die Another Day" and the next outing...

What was the greatest challenge with Die Another Day?

The greatest challenge for me always is to try and develop a character and keep it so that you believe in the person, whoever it is. With Pierce [Brosnan], it`s always a challenge to "do" him and get it sorted and the logistics of how many things he has to have. But the real challenge is always to try and make it real somehow, while at the same time making a Bond film.

For Die Another Day, did you design all the uniforms?

We made all those. I could give you a seminar!

It`s not interesting doing uniforms, is it?

Oh it is, because for North Korea there was no clear visual evidence of what their troops looked like in the given circumstances of this film. We managed to find some very shadowy, over-the-shoulder photographs and then I drew a camouflage pattern with the colours I thought it was. I got the fabric all printed and then managed to find some pictures of old Korean uniforms, which we tried to modernise.

So no leeway for error?

Well, the leeway is if you don`t care to get it right. But we were trying to get what we thought would be right. No-one, no expert we could find by searching all over the world and buying all the books, could tell us the exact camouflage or the exact uniform details.

Will you be working on the next Bond?

Yes, I would always like to work with them as long as they want me, as long as I can do other smaller, or more interesting, things inbetween.

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