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Activision polled James Bond gamers to determine strategy

12-Aug-2008 • Gaming

First-person James Bond? Third-person James Bond? Which would you prefer for a James Bond video game?

James Bond fans were polled by Activision in advance of the development of the publisher’s first game in the franchise, this fall’s multi-platform “Quantum of Solace.” And the survey showed that they were divided about what kind of game they wanted - reports MTV.

During a demo of the game this morning, Josh Olin, community manager for the game’s lead development studio, Treyarch, said a market research survey produced two distinct requests. Some fans wanted first-person; some wanted a third-person game. The split, Olin said, was 60-40 in favor of first-person.

The “Quantum of Solace” game, which covers the action of 2006’s “Casino Royale” and its upcoming cinematic sequel, “Quantum of Solace,” is played primarily as a first-person shooter. But when Bond takes cover or engages in a fancy hand-to-hand take-down, the game shifts to third-person.

Will the first-person/third-person split prove to present the best of both styles? Or will it prove that only one perspective per game — “GoldenEye,” “Everything Or Nothing” — best serves Bond?

Activision, it seems, believes serving both groups of fans is the best approach. Shaken and stirred, as it were.

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