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No more `roger more` slogan on condom posters, deemed too offensive by watchdog

22-May-2003 • Bond News

Reuters have reported that advertising posters for a brand of condoms urging the public to "roger more" have been banned after they were deemed offensive.

"Rogering" is slang for copulating and the phrase in the advert plays on the name of actor Roger Moore, best known for playing ladykiller secret agent James Bond.

The advertising watchdog judged the phrase to be unacceptable for such public display.

Condom maker Durex said on Wednesday the poster, which featured inflated condoms that spelt out "roger more" was intended to be humorous.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ruled the advert should be used in a more targeted medium or that a different approach be taken on posters in the future.

How about "Keep The British End Up?"

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