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Young Bond author Charlie Higson previews his new trilogy

06-Sep-2008 • Young Bond

When flesh-eating zombies walk the Earth, where will the survivors find refuge? The answer, according to comedian and writer Charlie Higson, is Waitrose in Holloway Road - reports TheCNJ.

The Tufnell Park-based star of hit comedy series The Fast Show and author of the hugely successful Young Bond books has decided to make his local supermarket a stronghold against the living dead in his latest children’s book.

Mr Higson went behind the scenes of the luxury food store last Thursday to ensure the accuracy of his story about a group of children holed up in the shop in the wake of a plague.

He explained: “Everyone over the age of 14 has been wiped out except for a few bands of marauding adults who are trying to eat the children. There is also a rival gang of kids who live in the Morrisons down the road. It’s 28 Days Later for kids.”

His three boys, aged 15, 13 and nine, helped him to write the book – each night he would read them the new chapters and they would tell him what they thought, including advice on teenage slang.

“They’re my test audience,” he said. “The age group is great to write for – they’re really open and honest and they’ll speak their minds. The violence isn’t a problem for kids. The more the better.

“I’ve said to my 13-year-old that I want a session with some of his more outspoken friends.”

The book, yet to have a title, is the first in a trilogy. It will be published next year.

Mr Higson’s last book in the Young Bond series, By Royal Command, was released this week.

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