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Activision producer says their game is the one the fans wanted

25-Sep-2008 • Gaming

In a brief interview with MCV UK, "Quantum of Solace: The Game" executive producer Garrett Young explained why Activision's first game is set to please fans.

"We asked gamers what they wanted and this is what they said. Using an online survey, we asked Bond fans and non-Bond fans a lot of questions and one of the biggest questions we asked was what camera did you want.

GoldenEye was of course in first person. But a lot of character games, where characters are important – like James Bond - tend to be third person games.

In the survey, most gamers wanted it to be a first person game. Maybe it’s because of the history with GoldenEye or maybe those we asked just happened to be first person shooter fans, but that’s what they wanted.

Yet a third of those we asked said they liked third person games too, so what we decided to do was both. So most of the time it will be first person, but during certain tasks it will switch into third person.

We want to know what Bond gamers want, we don’t want to do the last thing EA did. They’re a different company, a completely different team. They did what they wanted to do, we’re doing what we want to do.

So it’s important for us to not only get the best technology and hire the best people, but listen to the gamers. If this was our third or fourth Bond game it would be really easy to see what gamers liked and didn’t like by just reading reviews."

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