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Amtico International floors 007 with tile installation

27-Oct-2008 • Quantum Of Solace

Amtico International (www.amtico.com) has a foundational role in the upcoming production of the James Bond film, Quantum of Solace (www.007.com). An inlaid tile starburst pattern from Amtico is the starring backdrop of an exciting fight scene in the movie due for U.S. release in November. The resilient flooring receives ample screen time as the fight scene is shot from above as Bond actor Daniel Craig fights off an adversary while rappelling from the ceiling of an Italian Art Gallery.

The production company commissioned Amtico to provide the 1,200 square feet from Amtico's Feel Exclusive stones collection. The product was chosen for its ability to replicate the look of an aged marble floor but in a more durable resilient flooring material.

According to Quantum of Solace's supervising art director, Chris Lowe, "The floor was pre-laid onto base boards by a flooring contractor off site, then carried in and laid in segments over the course of a day. The floor was struck for the main set on the 007 stage and then re-laid for the re-shoots. I have to say, we noted at the time that we were very relieved that we chose to use Amtico flooring, as other flooring methods would never have lasted the duration of the shoot. It stood up remarkably well and we were delighted by the results."

David Voll, Amtico Senior Marketing Manager could not be more pleased with the outcome. "The floor stood up to the abuse of heavy equipment and still looks great in the film. It was the perfect solution for their duel needs for design and durability."

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