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Chinese censors give 007 a `Quantum of Solace` and no cuts

28-Oct-2008 • Quantum Of Solace

Chinese censors have passed the latest outing for suave Brit spy James Bond, "Quantum of Solace," without edits - reports Variety

Now Sony is gearing up for a major rollout Nov. 5, day and date with most of Europe and Asia, a little bit behind Blighty and ahead of the U.S.

Sony's Li Chow said they were hoping to unspool the pic on at least 1,000 screens across China, including both 35mm and digital. "We hope it will do well and can run until December, maybe Christmas," Chow said.

Gala prems for what will probably be the last big pic of the year in China are planned for Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Bond, played by Daniel Craig, made his bigscreen debut in Beijing last year in "Casino Royale," after years of being forbidden on Chinese screens.

Getting 007 onto local plexes has always been a tricky call, largely because the film franchise's fondness for espionage in other jurisdictions, or "third countries," meant he has continually fallen foul of China's censors.

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