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`Hi Jinx` easter egg access details for the region 1 (USA) DVD revealed

11-Jun-2003 • Die Another Day

Following the recent release of the region 1 "Die Another Day" Special Edition DVD in the USA, American Bond fans have been hunting for the much talked about "Hi Jinx!" easter egg that was advertised for the region 2 disc.

Good news for Halle Berry fans as the special hidden feature is present on the region 1 disc too.

Region 1 Access Instructions

1) Insert Disc 2.
2) Select `Image Database` from the menu.
3) Select `Sets and Locations` from the next menu.
4) Scroll across to the twelfth picture (Halle Berry emerging from the sea).
5) Hit the "up" arrow key on your remote.

You will be taken to a screen with three options for different camera angles.

Click here for further coverage of the DVD special features.

Thanks to Bale for the intel.

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