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`Quantum of Solace` enters mobile games chart

28-Nov-2008 • Gaming

The UK mobile games chart top twenty has been shaken and stirred by only one new entry this week - and James Bond is responsible for it, reports Mobile Marketing News.

The chart, compiled by gamemobile.co.uk shows that 007 Quantum of Solace is this week's number 18.

Levels and settings are inspired by the film of the same name and feature a technologically-advanced combat system which allows players to throw bouncing grenades and fire projectiles.

A review in USA Today praised the game's hand-to-hand combat scenes and the third-person views you get when 007 takes cover from his scheming enemies.

Bond has always had a way with the ladies but would he approve of the entry just below Quantum of Solace? Prince of Porn is this week's number 19, having been released at the beginning of November as the sequel to the King of Sex City.

Different locations in the game include 'by the pool' and at the Octoberfest.

A prince of a different kind is at number 20. The Prince of Persia offers more wholesome fun and a real sense of escapism too. Gamers can only succeed with this product if they are adept at activities such as swinging on ropes and fighting winged opponents while riding dragons.

Tomb Raider Underworld (number eight) will also transport you to a fantasy world. Lara Croft is of course the star of this game which is the eighth in the Tomb Raider series. More interaction with the environment is one feature that makes Underworld unique from Tomb Raider: Legend.

Need for Speed Undercover was released on the same day as Underworld, but has fared a little better in the chart (number two). It's cars which are the stars of this game and playing could give gamers a taste of what it's like to drive a Porsche 911.

But there won't be much time to admire the scenery. Not with ruthless gangs running international crime rings tailgating your every move.

Undercover will be hoping to overtake Worms 2008 to nab the top spot in next week's chart.

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