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Tourist trade in Panama boosted over 200% thanks to 007

09-Dec-2008 • Bond Style

Panama is being heralded as having something for everybody when it comes to Fly to Let investment as buyers have a choice of mountains, beachfronts or city life in Panama city itself - reports Fly To Let.

Ironically tourism interest in Panama, which has grown substantially in recent years, was given a boost by the headlines surrounding ‘missing’ canoe man John Darwin.

It coincided with the release of the new James Bond film Quantum of Solace, which was partly filmed in Panama.

One tour operator Journey Latin America, reported that sales to Panama have increased by 249 percent in the last year.

All Fly to Let properties are very affordable and acquiring them is a fairly straightforward for foreign buyers who get the same property ownership rights as the country’s population.

Plus the government in the South American country is trying to attract foreign investors by announcing an extension to the property tax exemption laws on both new and old property transactions.

Panama City continues to develop with luxury properties usually in high-rise buildings for sale. These apartments are popular and are often sold off plan.

If the high life doesn’t appeal, there is still plenty of choice of other existing city apartments and houses which are often cheaper than the new developments.

The cooler climate in the mountain countryside is also attractive and just as affordable. The most popular areas are in Chiriqui province.

Those looking for beachfront opportunities will find plenty on the Panama coastline which is still being developed.

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