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International Spy Museum offers holiday gift ideas

24-Dec-2008 • Collecting

The gift shop at the International Spy Museum is one of the best, if not the very best, in the D.C. area - reports The Examiner. Everytime I go I want to buy up all the spy equipment they have and pick out some of the best items from its movie and book collection. Since not everyone may share my exact tastes for the Spy Museum's gift shop, here is a collection of various items. Oh and if you have a tendency to look for a five-finger discount, the Spy Museum is one place I would not steal from. I always look for extra security they might have in the store and can never find anything, which is probably to be expected, it is the Spy Museum after all.

All of the product descriptions below were provided to me by the museum. But if you don't want to check out the store online, I highly recommend a visit in person.

Terrorist Teapot - $36 Take a closer look – you can't trust what's hidden. The Terrorist Teapot is not so traditional, disguised under a black tea cozy. This little guy puts the tea in "terror!"

Gun Vase - $36 Stick ‘em up! Unique ceramic pistol-shaped vases mount on wall. Each vase holds water and one flower, which drops in the barrel. It’s a sure shot way to bring edgy décor into your home.

Op Spy Night Scope - $12 This super scope could help you shed some light on your Operation Spy live-action adventure at the Museum or on sleuthing excursions in your own neighborhood. Our night scope binoculars have a special stealth-mode spotlight that lets you see 25 feet away in the dark, while the green-tinted lenses and beam light up the night for spying. Also features 4X magnification so you can see far-off things close-up.

Credit Card Lock Picking Kit - $29.95 How does James Bond get out of a jam? Looks like a credit card, but there’s something truly unique hidden inside. The back portion of the card slides off to reveal a small half diamond pick, short hook pick, rake pick, single sided pick and a flat tension tool. All are held by cavities in the base of the credit card. The card set is less than 1/8 inch thick and fits into the same space as a credit card!

Hollow Coin - $28 Need to hide things in the most unlikely places? They’ll go undetected hidden in our hollow coin. Separate the coin with the provided ring and hide small notes, microfilm, or coded messages – no one will be able to suspect a thing. This coin is truly priceless!

Spy vs. Spy Bobblehead - $16 What booby traps will the bobblehead spies set for each other today? Each finely detailed spy is equipped with the tools of their trade – a bomb and a magnifying glass. You’ve been given the nod…pit them against each other in a MAD mission to take over your office. A Spy Museum exclusive!

Shocking Liar – Electric Shock Lie Detector - $19.95 They say the truth hurts, but with this lie detector, it’s fibbing that causes pain. Strap your suspect’s hand onto the handplate and ask a few control questions so the built-in computer can analyze the responses. They may get away with a few white lies at first, but if they lie once your interrogation is fully underway, the results can be truly shocking. Literally! There are two shock levels – high and low – plus light and sound effects.

Deny Everything Adult Tee - $18.95 This is our most popular t-shirt! We've taken every spy's (and every politician's) favorite phrase and stenciled it across the chest of a charcoal grey t-shirt. The International Spy Museum logo is on the sleeve. Fun fact: This shirt has become so legendary around Washington, DC that locals run into the store and ask for it by name!

Edible Paper - $6 Chew on this: Next time you have to destroy a secret message by eating it, make sure it tastes good! Use the edible ink-filled pen to write on a piece of edible paper. Pass it to your fellow agent and he or she can read your message and then eat the evidence before it falls into enemy hands (or mouths). Pack includes 8 pieces of paper and 1 pen.

KidSpy Festival - $10 tickets to an upcoming Family Festival event complete with tradecraft demonstrations and your chance to mix and mingle with former and current intelligence experts.

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