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Latest Bond girl`s dress sense sees rise to fashionable thermal sales

12-Feb-2009 • Bond Style

A thermal vest may not sound like the sexiest of garments, but when it’s worn by a Bond girl it has a licence to thrill.

A small, family-run lingerie firm has seen its sales explode during the winter freeze after one of its garments was worn by Olga Kurylenko in Quantum of Solace. Normally for your eyes only, the clothing has now been seen by millions worldwide.

Bella di Notte, in Helmsley, provided thermal underwear, including a style of vest which was worn by Ms Kurylenko, and has since seen sales of the item double while sales in general at the shop have risen by a third - reports The Press.

But the founder of Bella di Notte, Susan Johnson, has also put the 35 per cent increase in sales of its thermal lines down to the freezing temperatures and snowy weather.

She said: “In this continuing cold weather, customers are wearing vests every day, rather than just once or twice over the winter.

“There is a definite move to warmer styles such as long sleeves and long johns.”

Because of the soaring popularity, the company has had to put more garments into production to meet demand.

Ms Johnson said: “The fact that women can keep warm and look glamorous is the key reason our sales are going so well.

“At this time of year, we normally see a move to lighter weight garments, but we’re finding a stronger than ever demand for our warmest rated thermals, as everyone tries to keep out the chill. Our Italian suppliers have suspended production of our Spring Collection to make more thermals for us.”

She said the wearing of the vest by Ms Kurylenko in the latest Bond film had also definitely contributed to sales.

Ms Johnson said: “We provided 40 pieces for the film, as she wears two of the vests, one on top of the other, and there were a lot of action scenes and rolling on the floor.

“We are really delighted – and relieved in this economic situation. There has been a lot of fear in the economy, with people scared to spend money and go out, so it has been a relief the weather has brought such good business.”

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