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Exciting new screenshots and concept art from `Everything or Nothing`

15-Jul-2003 • Gaming

New screenshots and concept art from the latest Bond game "Everything or Nothing" are now available online.

The latest screen shots show Bond grappling with Jaws, running from gun fire, hiding behind a corner for a soldier to pass, opening up on a guard position, and in mid-air doing a jump on a Triumph motorcycle whilst being shot at by a helicopter!

More exciting details come in the shape of concept art from the game, which was orginally drawn back in January 2003. There are two variations on a major location called the "Nano Tech" Facility which is set to feature in the early levels of the game. The third piece of concept art shows Bond and a girl fleeing the dank streets from sniper positions - possibly connected to the scene shown in the E3 teaser sequence video.

Click here to view the lastest screenshots and concept art courtesy 007Gaming.

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