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Activision confirms release dates for `Quantum of Solace` Camille Map Pack

29-Jun-2009 • Gaming

As previously announced in April 2009, Nerve Software have confirmed the first batch of downloadable content for Activision's debut James Bond videogame: "Quantum of Solace".

Release dates for the long-promised Camille Map Pack vary by region:

Xbox (North America/Europe): 30th June 2009
PS3 (North America): 2nd July 2009
PS3 (Europe): 16th July 2009

The Camille Map Pack includes four new multiplayer maps inspired by the most recent Bond Films, Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. The new maps include:
  • ‘Canals’ – a claustrophobic section of Venice where always being on the move is the key to winning.

  • ‘Bags’ – a gloomy area of the Miami airport that will have players frantically trying to find cover from enemy gunfire.

  • ‘Dam’ – an outdoor arena that requires teamwork and communication for victory.

  • ‘Cisterns’ – the dark underbelly of Siena that presents ample opportunities for sneaky stealth attack.

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Thanks to `bond_azoozbond` for the alert.

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