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Spectacular new screenshots from `Everything or Nothing` - motorcycle chase, fist fights and Jaws

20-Jul-2003 • Gaming

MI6 partner site 007Gaming.com has released some spectacular screenshots from the new Bond game "Everything or Nothing".

The snapshots give a glance of the amazing motorcycle chase sequence from the game, and the new rappelling harness Bond uses to walk down the sides of buildings - whilst shooting enemies!

As MI6 announced yesterday, the game will feature the new Triumph Daytona 600 motorcycle, which Bond uses to out-run a helicopter gunship. This is only one of a number of optional paths through the sub-missions in the game - more details on this will be revealed soon.

The second page of new screenshots show Bond in hand-to-hand combat with some of the guards and goons that will be working for villain Nikolai Diavolo - one of which will be familiar to Bond fans. Jaws is back for "Everything or Nothing", and the freelance henchman seems to have forgotten his alliance with Bond since "Moonraker"!

Click here to view the lastest screenshots courtesy 007Gaming.

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