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Sebastian Faulks hopes `Devil May Care` will get film adaptation

19-Jul-2009 • Literary

Sebastian Faulks is eager to reassure the Londoner that he is a fan of public transport despite his anti-bus campaign. The novelist has been waging a war against the London Mayor over the new half empty buses that disturb his Notting Hill peace as they trundle along to the Westfield Shopping Centre.

“I love public transport,” Faulks told me last night before he presented the BP Portrait Award at the National Portrait Gallery.

As if to prove his point the Birdsong novelist then brandished his travelcard as though I were a ticket inspector: “I used the tube six times today. I’m a big fan of public transport but not of empty buses. Some things have appeared in the papers about me that are rubbish.”

Meanwhile with the paperback edition of his James Bond homage Devil May Care now out Faulks added he hopes it will be made into a film. “One lives in hope,” he said. “Daniel Craig is a good Bond but I thought there was a little too much running and jumping in the last one and the romance went out of it. It’s time to bring that back.”

MI6 Note: EON Productions have never adapted any James Bond continuation novel to date.

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