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More insider news on `Everything or Nothing`, plus EA release new preview video clips

27-Jul-2003 • Gaming

The latest EA insider report on the official "Everything or Nothing" website has revealed some behind-the-scenes information about the developers and how they have approached working on the latest Bond title:

"The key to designing a game is to make the interface simple, but the game challenging - a process that can take as much as an entire year because it is so critical. The team made every effort to give the player as much control as possible, while still getting across the character of Bond and all his signature `Bond moves`."

"Riz [a Designer] also demonstrated how Bond will be able to dodge and roll while strafing and flip over tables to take cover. These features add maneuvering capabilities that are essential during the heat of battle, especially against the new AI. Your enemies will have the ability to work as a squad by communicating with each other and take on a range of states such as search, investigate, evade, take cover, and raise alarm, so it will take skill and strategy to beat the game."

Click here for the full report which includes links to new video clips of Bond in action.

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