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Exclusive details on Hyperion `By Royal Command` cover for USA hardback release

26-Sep-2009 • Young Bond

MI6 has scored exclusive background detail on Hyperion's plans to release the fifth Young Bond novel "By Royal Command" in the USA.

The Disney-owned publisher, who re-released the first three Young Bond novels in paperback ahead of "Hurricane Gold"s debut in hardback in the USA earlier this year, is finalising cover artwork for the fifth adventure.

In a break with the series so far, Hyperion failed to agree terms with regular Young Bond artist Kev Walker and has switched to a new illustrator to create the "By Royal Command" hardback design.

Fans of series continuity can relax though, as the design style follows the previous covers very closely.

The "By Royal Command" cover for hardback release in the USA will feature James and Roan in the hallway of Donnerspitze castle, fleeing from the menacing figure of Dr. Friend who looms in the background.

Illustrator Owen Richardson will be picking up the reigns. He studied Illustration at Art Center College of Design. By day, he is a mild mannered Illustrator. He has worked in the entertainment industry as a pre-visualization and production artist, as well as illustrator of promotional and marketing support. By night, Owen dons the doublet and hose, serving on the artistic staff of the Children's Theatre of Salt Lake. He writes and directs plays for children, designs sets, paints them up and then struts and frets his hour upon the stage.

Click here to view Owen Richardson's online portfolio.

There is no release date yet for the "By Royal Command" hardback in the USA, although it is expected to debut around the same time as the "Hurricane Gold" paperback release in April 2010.

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