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EA reveal how Hollywood special effects will be used in `Everything or Nothing`

04-Aug-2003 • Gaming

The official EA site has updated with the sixth installment of 007 Insider, interviewing Matt Head who created special effects for both Agent Under Fire and NightFire as well as movies such as Mars Attacks, Shrek and Batman & Robin.

Example screenshots of his work in Everything or Nothing are available on the website, showing the fire and smoke aspects.

"When I worked on animated movies," says Matt, "I could create anything I could imagine. All I had to do was envision it, and a processor could render it – even if it took all night. At the end of the day, I would have my amazing effect, and it would look terrific on-screen."

"Working on a game with Hollywood-style effects is definitely a challenge. The effects have to be rendered in-real time while hundreds of other computations are running simultaneously. You have to think not only creatively in terms of the artwork you are creating, but also to think vigilantly about the code you are writing..."

Click here for the full article on EA.com

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