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Is `GoldenEye 2010` coming soon to the Nintendo Wii?

26-Oct-2009 • Gaming

Is a new GoldenEye coming to the Nintendo Wii and possibly the Xbox 360 and PS3? According to the CV of Craig Peck, animator at Eurocom Entertainment Software, a new GoldenEye game is in development for the Nintendo Wii - reports Gamezine.

Activision mentioned their plans to release a new James Bond game earlier in the year, with 2010 as its intended release date. Peck's CV is the first indication that it might be another GoldenEye video game entry.

The N64 game GoldenEye 007, developed by Rare in 1997, is regarded as a classic, after being received incredibly well by critics. The 2006 game GoldenEye: Rogue Agent, developed by EA, was not so well received, to say the least.

Pecks CV (resume) writes:
"Eurocom Entertainment Software, Derby, United Kingdom: July 09 – Sept 09 Animator – GoldenEye 2010 (Wii) - Animator on Activision’s James Bond series for the Nintendo Wii."

Well, there's very little chance that he could be lying on his own CV. It's also interesting to note that his work on the title ended in September of this year.

Peck's website and CV have now been taken offline.

Microsoft's attempt to bring the original "GoldenEye 007" to Xbox Live Arcade was blocked by Nintendo last year.

MI6 Note: The next confirmed 007 licenced game from Activsion will be a racing title.

Thanks to `No deals Mr.Bond` and `Scott` for the alerts.

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