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Official `Everything or Nothing` site updates with news on artificial intelligence work

09-Aug-2003 • Gaming

The official EA site has updated with its seventh instalment of 007 Insider, looking at the Artificial Intelligence aspects of Everything or Nothing.

Yarborough caught up with Louis Gascoigne, head of AI for the game to talk about the tools and non-player gameplay characteristics. A screenshot can be seen of the visual program used for the Jazz Club mission in New Orleans, to actually "visualise" the AI coding in the environment.

The cooperation and environmental decision elements were also discussed, outlining how the henchmen would react and use the scenery to their advantage. One example showed a goon picking a bottle off a table and throwing it towards you, while he may also flip the table over and use it as cover in another occurrence.

"The henchmen fight together, and visibly and audibly cooperate with each other. They can hear and see with two cones of vision (one primary - where they will see you immediately, and the other peripheral - where they might grow suspicious and it takes longer to spot you and attack).

The enemies make intelligent and realistic decisions based on what they know is in the environment. A bad guy might pick up a bottle off a table and throw it at you. He may instead flip the table on its side (yes, the bottle will fall and shatter on the ground) and hide behind it while he fires his weapon and tells his partner to attack from the other side."

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