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`The World Is Not Enough` is the Christmas Bondathon film up for review

02-Dec-2009 • Site News

To celebrate the spate of upcoming Bond film anniversaries and the pave the way to Bond 23, we thought it was high-time the forum (Keeping The British End Up) pulled together for an official review of the whole series.

A film will be presented each month for viewing, discussion and review; running in conjunction with the main site, overall ratings and a selection of the best reviews will be published at the end of the month on mi6-hq.com.

Brosnan's third James Bond outing, The World Is Not Enough (1999) - which is celebrating its 10th anniversary - is the seventh film to go under review in the MI6Forums Bondathon...


It’s Christmas!

Ten years ago, Pierce Brosnan was riding high. On the back of the franchise-saving success of both GoldenEye (1995) and Tomorrow Never Dies (1997), the media hype around his latest Bond outing was little short of intense. Along with the popularity came the pressure to deliver a stronger, bigger film – with a budget over twice that allowed for his debut, GE, EON were aiming to do just that.

When M’s close friend, oil tycoon Sir Robert King, is assassinated at MI6 HQ in London, Bond is sent on an increasingly personal mission to protect King’s daughter, Elektra. A victim of kidnap by Renard - a villain who knows no pain and no fear - charismatic Elektra challenges Bond to live life to the full whilst keeping her out of the shadow of danger cast over her by her former captor. The stakes are raised when Renard asserts his destructive agenda, sending Bond and nuclear physicist Dr Christmas Jones hurtling towards a final stand-off on board a Russian submarine in the Bosporus.

On the one hand, TWINE is a typically formulaic 90’s Bond, boasting an action-packed pre-titles boat chase from MI6 HQ at Vauxhall down the Thames to the then newly-built Millenium Dome, a few lovely Bond girls, the return of one of Bond’s much-love allies in the form of Valentin Zukovsky, and a fantastic range of locations and gadgetry; but on the other hand it’s also a film offers an effective and engaging plot twist and a fond farewell to the franchise’s stalwart, Desmond Llewelyn. TWINE also marked an auspicious pair of beginnings for the franchise, bringing scriptwriters Purvis & Wade’s and composer David Arnold to the Bond scene.

Join me in celebrating TWINE ten years on…

‘Christmas only comes once a year?’

The start of terrible P&W one-liners? Quite possibly. Brosnan’s most ‘Moore’ moment? Most definitely.

- Introduction by Dusty

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