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EA Insider on the cyberscanning process and a look at Brosnan`s digital likeness

15-Aug-2003 • Gaming

EA`s official EA "Everything or Nothing" website has updated with another insider report. This week focusses on the cyberscanning and modelling processes used to bring real-life actors into the digital domain.

"The term `cyberscanning` is a little bit misleading," says Darren Pattenden - Lead Character Artist , "because it makes it seem as though we scan an actor and then immediately put him in the game. There is a lot more work that goes into creating a character model."

Cyberscanned actor models are so detailed that they have millions of polygons. However, consoles can currently render a maximum of about 5000 polygons per character on the screen at any one time. The challenge is to create a model that looks like "the real thing," but with only a fraction of the polygons. Incredibly, creating a model with fewer polygons actually takes a LOT more time: each model takes about three weeks and is an extremely arduous process to complete.

Click heere for the full article on eagames.com

Thanks to SpaceMedafighterX for the alert.

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