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James Bond theme for Dorset couple's party

13-Jan-2010 • Bond Style

A couple from Dorset decided to throw a party no-one would forget by spending £3,000 to transform their home into a James Bond film set - reports the BBC.

Simon and Angie Mullane, both 44, searched the internet and travelled the country to collect memorabilia for their New Year's Eve party in Poole.

Their garden included a James Bond mannequin crashing through their bathroom window on a hang glider.

Mrs Mullane said their guests were "absolutely gobsmacked".

Up to 40 guests were greeted at the roadside with a home-made checkpoint manned by one of several soldier mannequins dressed in authentic East German border guard uniforms bought from eBay.

The couple covered the front garden in camouflage cloth with two Sean Connery Bond mannequins performing stunts in the garden.

One was dangling from a hang glider while another sat inside a mini-helicopter alongside a giant missile built from an air-conditioning unit extractor pipe.

The couple, who own a shoe shop, started planning the party in September.

Mrs Mullane said: "We are not particular fans but we thought it would make a great theme and it would be easy to dress up in black tie or a little black dress but in the end everyone made a massive effort with some fantastic costumes."

She donned a gold bodysuit to become the Goldfinger character Jill Masterson.

Invites were a top secret document announcing the New Year's mission statement and biographies of Bond heroes and villains to inspire fancy dress.

Mrs Mullane added: "The guests left saying they could never have a party because of the lengths we had gone to. No-one will invite us to any parties now."

The pair have a reputation for hosting elaborate parties having built a graveyard in their back garden for Halloween 2008 complete with underground smoke pipes, buried coffins and a hearse.

Their next big spectacle is for Mrs Mullane's 50th, but the theme has yet to be decided.

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