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Four Tet discusses composing the Bond track, 'Crawl, End Crawl'

02-Feb-2010 • Quantum Of Solace

London producer Kieran Hebden has made some of the most accessible electronica this side of Moby. As Four Tet, he has softened the instrumental dance music on records like 2003's Rounds and 2005's Everything Ecstatic with organic textures and samples. The hypnotic new There Is Love in You could surely sell a whole lot of cell phones or Volkswagens if he were inclined to sell it to ad makers. As it is, you'll have to buy the album. We spoke to Hebden about his foray into D.J.-ing, mixing rock and electronic sounds, and not being the type of musician to wear jewelry.

How exactly did you end up scoring the final scene in the last Bond movie?
They contacted me and I went and met David Arnold, and he played me the all the multitracks from the sessions, and I just took away whatever sounds I wanted. I think I had, like, a day to make this piece of music — the deadline was really tight. A week later it was on at the premiere. It was a little bit weird for me because the kind of melodies and riffs they use in the James Bond music is so different from what I'd normally use. You just couldn't get away from the James Bond–ness of it. It was just, like, there, in every little string sound I was given. But I guess that's the point in some ways.

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