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EA Insider report interviews `Everything or Nothing` Art Director, Dave Cars

27-Aug-2003 • Gaming

The official EA 007 website has updated with a new insider interview, featured through the Bond Communique newsletter.

This week `Yarborough`interviews Art director Dave Carson, who`s worked on movies such as Jurassic Park and The Empire Strikes Back.

"One of the challenges of art design is that there is a hardware limitation of 30-60 frames per second. As creative as we want to be, we always have to keep in mind that the gameplay has to be smooth – regardless of how many details are being rendered on the screen. We have to use texture cleverly and not make the geometry too complicated for the consoles. Games have gotten a lot more complex even within the limits of the hardware they run on," says Dave.

"Bond has `states of being` in the game, such as suspicious, relaxed, or aggressive. Bond’s behavior changes depending on his state in the game. For example, when suspicious, he will subtly clue the player to dangers in the game that Bond can see even when the player cannot (because, for example, it is out of camera angle). This enhances the experience by letting the player feel like he is actually in the scene."

Click here for the full article on ea.com

Also featured in the newsletter was news of the a new Everything or Nothing website, due to be released from EA GAMES in a few weeks with features such as gadgets, vehicles and locations.

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