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EA Insider: Desiging the `Everything or Nothing` levels

30-Aug-2003 • Gaming

The official EA 007 site has updated with the ninth instalment of 007 Insider, looking at the Level Design aspects of Everything or Nothing.

Yarborough caught up with Aaron Halon in this edition, a level designer working on Everything or Nothing. Explained in the article are the stages which the level design aspects go through, including some screenshots of the basic geometry and trigger events, through to the final in-game product.

"One of the most interesting and fun challenges of being a level designer is creating exotic, sometimes outrageous locations where the player must complete a mission."

"Having a flair for dramatic game play, Aaron then programs what are called "scripted events". These might be cinematics that occur when Bond enters a room - perhaps Bond sees Jaws escaping through a window, or a Bond girl waits for him with a secret message. These events help Aaron take advantage of a Hollywood-quality script that pieces the plot together and makes the storyline more interesting."

Click here for the full Insider article on ea.com

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