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Gemma Arterton on the Freida Pinto rumour, her upcoming pictures and Bollywood

31-Mar-2010 • Actor News

But she is unfazed by speculation of Indian actress Freida Pinto starring in the next Bond flick. On the contrary, Arterton is convinced that Pinto would do a great job if she actually became a Bond girl.

“As of now, I heard that all such news of her being approached for the next Bond girl is a grapevine rumour. But if it comes true, I can say that I have seen her work, and, yeah, she might pull it off well as I too started so fresh in the shoes of a Bond girl but the camera and, of course, the director taught me a lot,” Arterton told DNA India.

Speaking about Indian movies, Arterton felt they are completely ‘different’ from the ones made in the West. “I know the [Indian film] industry is a huge one. In fact, I am told that it is the second largest in the world. Some friends of mine in England had Indian connections and they talked about Indian films. That’s all I knew about the films in India, till I saw Bride & Prejudice and Slumdog Millionaire. I found them very different as they had songs, dancing and some fabulous attire.”

Arterton said she was open to acting in a Hindi film. “I want to do films, be they from any industry or language," she said. "I don’t mind exploring my skills and enhancing my acting anywhere in the world.”

Asked about the most outrageous thing she had done, she said, “In my upcoming movie directed by Louis Leterrier, it was crazy being dressed in skimpy outfits while shooting in the mountains of Spain because in the mornings the temperature used to be -2ºC. Then, as the day went on, it would get up to 27º. So it started off freezing cold and then got scorching.”

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