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`There is always one man, one name, you can count on` - EA release cinematic style trailer for EoN game

05-Sep-2003 • Gaming

Electronic Arts have released a cinematic style teaser trailer for the new 007 game "Everything or Nothing".

Bond fans may sense deja vu when watching the trailer, as it strikes a glaring resemblance to the first "The World Is Not Enough" film teaser. Using the same music, edits, similar wording, voice over and even a red "007" LED display.

"In a world fill with menace,
Where nothing is as it seems,
There is always one man,
One name, you can count on"

The trailer shows various clips of Bond in hand-to-hand combat and then more explosive vehicular action. One key sequence shows Jaws in a fetching pair of black rubber dungarees - lifting Bond above his head and throwing him through a plate glass window.

Coming this Fall: James Bond 007 in "Everything Or Nothing".

The teaser ends with a nice shot of Bond game girl Shannon Elizabeth in a silver cocktail dress.

Click here to view the trailer on ea.com

Thanks to Rumpole for the alert.

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