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EA Insider report interviews the Game Boy Advance creators of `Everything or Nothing`

12-Sep-2003 • Gaming

This week`s EA Insider report is an interview with Erin Turner, the Associate Producer, and the development team at Griptonite Games, all of whom are making the James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing game for the Game Boy Advance (GBA).

Says Erin, "As a producer, this is my second Bond game. It is almost inevitable that you become a Bond expert when working on this franchise. I probably know more about James Bond than I do about my own brother! Pouring that into a game experience has become second nature."

One of the biggest challenges when creating a GBA game is the cartridge (or "cart") size. Amazingly, the entire game is about the same size as two MP3 songs. You would be surprised by what the team can pack into an 8 MB cartridge! Of course there’s always more they want to include – audio, maps, animations, and rewards, but at the end of the day, one of the biggest challenges is having to pick what they can’t live without and making those elements the best they can be.

Another challenge is the difference in tools available to create the world of Bond. On console, the development team strives for realism. On GBA, the same level of realism is not attainable, nor is it the goal. Instead, the focus is on delivering the essence of Bond and doing what’s fun for the Game Boy Advance platform. The team has designed the GBA game to fit the Bond experience in your pocket!

Click here for the full Insider report on the official EA site.

Also updated on the EA website is a video showing action from the Game Boy Advance version of "Everything or Nothing"

Click here for the Game Boy Advance video on the official EA site.

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