Iain Glen cold on the idea of being the next Bond - `the bandwagon might roll off the hill`?

Actor News - 13-09-03
Iain Glen, the 42-year-old Scottish actor who is often linked to being the next Bond after Brosnan retires from the series, sopke about the possibility and media rumours after a stint at the Edinburgh Festival.

"I really do find all this speculation very, very boring," Glen said. "I would be deeply flattered to be asked; who wouldn`t?"

"If I have to be honest I donít want to take on the mantle of Bond when the bandwagon might roll off the hill. Bond does have a distinct history of reinventing itself so maybe they`ll let me play him as the villain at some point."

"I fear that there are a great many other very capable actors ahead of me in that particular line."

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