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Aston Martin DB5 part-works publication hits the skids (updated)

26-May-2010 • Collecting

Just six issues in to its planned 75-issue weekly run, the new part-works publication that allows fans to build a 1:8th scale Aston Martin DB5 piece by piece, has issued a notice to subscribers that the publication has been suspended.

Dear Reader,
Unfortunately we are having to suspend publication of James Bond's DB5. We hope to resume publication shortly, but in the meantime we are very sorry for any inconvenience this causes and, if you wish, we are happy to refund you the full cover price of any issues you have purchased.

If ran to completion, the DB5 model would cost £519.20.

The publisher's other 007 title, James Bond Car Collection, has created a mixed reaction to subscribers: some happy with the long-running series of model cars and 8-page magazines, others unhappy that the series was extended several times and now runs to 110 issues - a collection costing £878.90.

Update: It has been confirmed that the first six issues sent to subscribers were a test run. The publication will not be released until early 2011. Subscribers were not made aware that this was the case prior to signing up. No statement has been made on the company's website, as promised in the letters sent to customers.

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