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EoN Insider report reveals details on the `co-op` multiplayer mode

26-Sep-2003 • Gaming

This week`s EA Insider report for `Everything or Nothing` tackles the multiplayer aspect of the game.

Many questions have surrounded the little talked-about `co-op` mode, but new screenshots and tidbits from EA have shed some light on what promises to be an exciting addition to the game.

Gordon Chen, Development Director for the Multiplayer Co-op levels, powered up his development console and gave me a tour of some of the Multiplayer Co-op levels in Everything or Nothing. Just imagine 13 completely new levels (3 missions with 4-5 levels each), all new content, some tie-in to the single-player game, and incredibly fun gameplay. Not only are you getting two games in one box (single player and Multiplayer Co-op), but the multiplayer co-op also includes an unlockable 4-person arena deathmatch!

The Co-op level includes some really unique challenges including stealth, high action, 2-player puzzles (where you have to cooperate with your teammate to solve puzzles that enable you to advance), environmental hazards, and four unique multiplayer characters. Since you are now working together, essentially you have double the firepower, so Gordon’s team made sure you have more enemies that are far more challenging.

You can choose vertical or horizontal split-screen on regular and 16:9 TVs.

Click here for the full Insider report on EA.com

Thanks to Brozzy for the alert.

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