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'Blood Stone' team not worried about 'GoldenEye' head to head

09-Aug-2010 • Gaming

With two Activision-published James Bond titles set for release at the same time, you'd expect the one that carries the classic GoldenEye name and much of its essence to be dominant in most gamers' minds - reports CVG.

'Not so fast' said Bizarre Creations, when we suggested that they might have some work to do keep James Bond: Blood Stone out of GoldenEye's shadow.

"I think for us, you want to be asking the same thing to Eurocom: are they worried about being in our shadow?" said Bizarre Creations producer Nick Davies.

"We are giving the big broad Bond experience, I think we're giving everything a Bond fan's going to want to see in one game."

"Their game's fantastic and I think it'll do really well," he continued.

"I think the two games are going out at the same time, they are going for slightly different audiences: Obviously the Wii version has got its audience, the 360, PS3, PC have got their own so I think they're two very different games."

"We'll just concentrate on ours, we think we've got a really good package, we think we've got everything the players want to see and want to do as James Bond. So we think it stands alone as a big deal."

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