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Original 'GoldenEye 007' designer slams Activision for remake

03-Sep-2010 • Gaming

Martin Hollis, the designer of the original GoldenEye game, has spoken out about Activision's decision to revive the Bond classic for Wii, saying he finds it hard to imagine the company wanting to do justice to Rare's N64 game.

In an exclusive interview that will appear in the new issue of Official Nintendo Magazine which goes on sale on Monday, the former Rare employee argued that Activision's decision to revive GoldenEye for Wii is motivated by profits rather than passion.

Hollis was talking to ONM about the making of GoldenEye 64 but when asked what his feelings were towards Activision's forthcoming remake, he said "I imagine it is a business decision isn't it? This name is valuable, let's use it. I find it hard to picture Activision's top management being excited about the original and wanting to do it justice. In fact, I find it hard to imagine them being excited about any game. It's my perception that they are trying to be EA, only more so. I think they are doing a fine job at that."

However, Hollis did reserve praise for Eurocom, the developers of the Wii version of GoldenEye 007. "I know and like Eurocom," he said. "I think they are a good company. I'm confident they have done their very best." Earlier this week, Eurocom claimed that the game will blow away all other Wii first person shooters.

You can read about the making of GoldenEye 007 N64 in the new issue of Official Nintendo Magazine which goes on sale on Monday.

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