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The MI5 team return with a revamped 'Spooks' on BBC1 tomorrow

19-Sep-2010 • Media Alert

Monday night at 9PM sees the return of the popular BBC television series, Spooks, which is known as MI5 in the USA - reports M&C.

The series is entering into its ninth season, and continuing on in his role of Lucas North is Richard Armitage. Newcomers to the series include Beth Bailey (Sophia Myles), who plays a gung-ho mercenary.

Click here to watch a teaser trailer (via YouTube.com).

Joining her is Dimitri Levendis (Max Brown), who is described as a tough and fearless agent who has ties to the Elite Special Forces Boat Service, and is used as an asset working undercover for the Grid.

Also new to the show is new Home Secretary William Towers (Russell Beale), who is looking to start with a clean slate, and has a strong relationship with head Section D boss Harry Pearce (Peter Firth).

Another new addition to the series is the shadowy Vaughn Edwards (Iain Glen), who has prior dealings with Lucas from fifteen years ago, and could shed some shocking light on Lucas’s mysterious background.

Rounding out the new cast members is Laila Rouass (Footballers Wives and Primeval). Roass plays a Doctor who is also the former love of Lucas’s life, and someone who can potentially reveal a little more about his past.

Speaking in the new issue of British television
listings magazine TV & Satellite Week the shows leading man. Richard Armitage revealed that much change is afoot in the series and not just change with how section D works, but changes regarding some of the individual’s work there.

“It is all about identity. In the first episode
, you have three characters that are all playing at being something different to which they really are. That theme will run throughout the series. We look at what it means to be a spy. These guys are masters of disguise as well as daredevils who save the UK every week but, with all these characters they take on, where is the real person?”

In terms of how the ninth season is different. Armitage claims it’s more “ambitious” and James Bond like. The first episode will start with the team on a boat loaded with explosives coming out of Tangier.

In terms of changes for his character of Lucas, who only joined the show back in 2008. Armitage can’t really say too much, but what he does share is fascinating.

“When he came back from prison in Russia he was a changed man, but we never knew who he was before prison. Now, his story goes way back to pre - prison and pre - MI5. He starts to be reminded about things that he never knew.”

The newly energized and cinematic series of Spooks starts on Monday, 20 September at 9PM on BBC 1. Miss it at your own risk. All knowledge of this news item will be disavowed along with any who have dared to read it.

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