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Driver taken to court over 007 car licence plate

27-Sep-2010 • Bond News

A case involving a driver who had added a zero to his number plate to allegedly make it look like that of James Bond - 007 - was adjourned yesterday at Donegal District Court in Northern Ireland - reports the Donegal Democrat.

The case against Richard Homer, Cloghan PO, was adjourned to the November 22nd sitting of the court, but in court it emerged that the number plate had been changed to include a 0 before 07 in the existing number plate.

Judge Kevin Kilrane suggested to Inspector Denis Joyce that it "wasn't earth shattering stuff" when it was indicated an adjournment was sought.

PA Dorrian, solr. on behalf of the defendant, said there was "nothing wrong" with the number plate. His client had just added a zero - "it's 007 rather than 07" and the number plate complied "in every other way", he said - after James Bond.

Inspector Joyce: "There's no county marking on the wing of the plate."

Judge Kilrane: "It's contested so I will adjourn to November 22nd."

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